6 Steps of the Writing Process

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6 Steps of the Writing Process
Writing isn't a problem when you follow the process. Here are your six steps to success.

Step #1: Pre-Write:
-Responses to Literature

Step #2: Write:
-Write whatever comes to mind
-Don't erase
-Don't worry about grammar, punctuation, or spelling
-Take chances
-Be willing to try new genres

Step #3: Revise:
-Delete what you don't need
-Add what you do need
-Re-organize what's confusing
-Re-word what could be said better
-Strengthen your verbs
-Show don't tell

Step #4: Conference:
-Share with others
-Give positive and specific responses
-Look at ideas and content
-Ask questions
-Offer suggestions and possibilities

Step #5: Edit:
-Make improvements based on advice given to you in conferencing
-Make changes to grammar, usage, punctuation, and spelling
-Check spacing
-Now, does it pass the "It's ready to publish" test?

Step #6: Publish:
-Every term we will publish our quarterly school newspaper: The Cougar Chronicles
-Every member of the participating class will be included in their issue
-Something you write will become famous when your writing is published in the print and on-line edition of The Cougar Chronicles