Behavior Contract

Name: __________________
Date: ___________________

Behavior Contract

I promise to keep the five class rules (1-Give your best effort, 2-Be polite and kind, 3-Do not talk out of turn, 4-Stay in your seat, and 5-Come to class prepared) for the next five school days beginning ______________. If I do this I will earn off 5 behavior points. If I donít do this I will continue to receive behavior points and lower my citizenship grade in accordance with the class behavior policy.

To refresh my memory I will now re-read the behavior policy:

1- Every student begins the term with 0 behavior points.
2- Every time a student breaks a class rule they receive 5 behavior points.
3- The following grading scale is used to assign citizenship grades at the end of the term:

S= 00-20 points
N= 21-40 points
U= 41-99 points
4- If a student wants to earn off points, he/she should come in and talk to me before or after school to sign a contract that requires one week of perfect behavior to earn off 5 points. Students will find it does them no good to act horrible for 8 weeks of the term and then try to be perfect for the remaining 2 weeks. The moral of the story is donít wait to be good!

Student Signature: ________________________________

Parent Signature: _________________________________

Student and parent signatures are required to enter into a behavior contract. Thank you.