Biography Assignment

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Biography Assignment

Here is your chance to read and write about a famous person. Get a biography (75 pages or longer) about a person you are interested in, and read it. As you read the biography watch for answers to the following questions. Make your answers to each question at least 1/2 page long (which makes the entire completed assignment about 4 pages in length). Please number your answers to correspond with each question, and skip a line between numbers. 100 points possible.


1- Tell about the influences in this person's early life that developed his/her personality and character. What were this person's talents? What were some experiences that might have foreshadowed that this person would become successful and famous? (20 points possible)

2- Describe the major accomplishments of this person. What did he/she do well? What failures or obstacles did he/she encounter? What exactly did this person do that made him/her famous? (20 points possible)

3- Tell about this person's last years before his/her death, or if he/she is still alive, tell about the last 5-10 years. What did he/she do? What new challenges did this person face? Did this person enjoy financial security and happiness? If they are dead, how did they die? (10 points possible)

4- Write about the personality and character of this person. What are his/her well-known traits and ideals? What are some little-known qualities that you learned about? Did the author characterize this person as perfect, or did the author give you insights into this person's mistakes and faults? (20 points possible)

5- What is the setting in which this person lived? Was the setting important to his/her success or fame? Could this person have become famous in another setting? How did the setting change as the subject grew older? (10 points possible)

6- If you could meet this person today, what two important questions would you like to ask him/her? How do you think he/she would answer each question? (10 points possible)

7- Write a persuasive paragraph answering the following question: Would you recommend this book to a seventh-grade friend? Choose a side (yes I would, or no I would not), then give specific reasons to support your position -- simply writing yes or no will earn you no credit. (10 points possible)