Book Project

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Book Project

Congratulations! You have been selected to complete an exciting task of the utmost importance. This task will require your best skills of creativity, ingenuity, intelligence, and (of course) the all-important skill of having fun.

What do I do? It's simple: 1- Read a book of your own choice with 100 or more pages. I only require that the book is one that you have not read before this school year, and not a book for which you have previously completed a book project. 2- Choose ONE of the book project ideas below (or come to me to get your own idea pre-approved), then complete your project by the due date. On the due date I will collect the book projects, and give students the opportunity to share their project with the class for 25 points of extra credit.

Book Project Ideas

1- Design a movie poster that aims to sell your book. The poster must include the main characters, the basic plot, and interesting elements of the book. Also include a one page explanation of why you constructed the poster the way you did.

2- Design a book cover or jacket. Include eye-catching illustrations that draw the reader in (you may draw the illustrations yourself or use pictures out of magazines). Also include a half-page brief summary of what the book is about in your own words -- do not simply copy the summary that is on the back of many novels! You may include short quotes from the text of the book in your summary.

3- Present to the class a presentation in which you try to sell them the book. Make your presentation between 2 and 5 minutes in length. You may want to set up your presentation like a TV commercial or info-mercial. Remember to turn in your written script.

4- Rewrite the ending of the book by creating a "final" or "lost" chapter. Make sure your chapter is 4 or more full pages in length. Creativity is the key here.

5- Act out an exciting scene from the book in class. You may use friends from this class period to help you. You may also record the scene on video and show it to the class. Remember to turn in your written script.

6- Prepare a newspaper or magazine with stories based on the book. Make the newspaper or magazine 4 or more pages in length.

7- Make a series of pictures (a collage) representing the book's actions, characters, and plot. Also include a one-page summary of what the pictures represent.

8- Keep a journal of 10 entries as if you were one of the characters in the book. Make sure the finished journal is 4 or more pages in length.

9- Write a song or a rap that tells about the book. You may sing it in front of the class, or record and play it for the class. You may use the music from another singer as background if it helps your song. Also turn in a one page summary of your lyrics, and why you used the words (and/or music) you did.

10- Be creative! If you have another idea you would like to try, come in and see me! Do not begin working on another idea without approving it through me first. Remember: Creativity is king! Make it fun!

Grading: I will grade your project on the following four items: 1- If you show me through your project that you have read the book, 2- If the quality of your work shows preparation and honest effort, 3- If you have been creative, 4- How you present your project in class -- if your project requires class presentation. Remember that this is your project, so it should reflect your talents and abilities. Have fun and be your best creative self.