National Reading Test Scores

One of the mandatory tests for students in Nebo School District is called the "Degrees of Reading Power" test - DRP for short. The DRP is designed to measure a student's reading comprehension ability and compare his/her results to other students throughout the United States. Since the DRP is a well-respected nationwide test with a very large pool of participants, the results are both informative and reliable.

I am happy to report that in all 3 periods of our class, there was an average reading comprehension gain of over 3 full grade levels between the September 2018 and April 2019 tests. To locate your student's individual DRP scores, simply click on his/her class period below and locate your student's ID number (to maintain privacy student's names are not listed). Congratulations on the outstanding achievement of your student!

Test Results For Period 1 and 2

Test Results For Period 3 and 4

Test Results For Period 5 and 6