Research Report Writing

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Research Report Writing
Good research report writing contains the following 5 elements:
100 Points Possible / Pages 834-837

1- A clearly stated purpose contained in a thesis statement. A thesis statement defines the main idea, or overall purpose, of your report. A clear one sentence answer to your main question will result in a good thesis statement. Refer to page 836 for more information. 20 Points

2- Information that is both accurate and relevant to your purpose. Only include information in your report that serves to accomplish the purpose of your paper. 20 Points

3- Correctly documented sources. Refer to page 837 for guidelines on parenthetical documentation. 20 Points

4- Logically developed topics. Arrange your paper in an easy to follow format. Refer to page 836 for steps on making an outline for your paper. 20 Points

5- Content that reflects careful research on the topic. Refer to page 835 for tips on conducting effective research. 20 Points