"Ruby Bridges" Viewing Questions

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"Ruby Bridges" Viewing Questions
If you missed viewing any of Ruby Bridges in class you may come in before or after school to see it, or you may check it out from the Spanish Fork Library and view it at home.

Part 1:

1- Why was Ruby selected to be one of the first children integrated into the white schools?
2- Why was Ruby's dad worried about letting her go to the new school?
3- When the Louisiana policeman tells the U.S. Marshal that the Governor of Louisiana won't allow them to enter, what does the U.S. Marshal say?
4- Describe Ruby's first day at school?
5- How did the other teachers treat Ruby's teacher Mrs. Henry?
6- Why did Ruby's father lose his job?

Part 2:

7- What type of doctor is Mr. Cole?
8- How does Ruby's dad feel about the "privilege" of Ruby attending an integrated school?
9- What did Ruby's dad tell the store owner when she told him not to come to the store anymore?
10- What did the protestors call the Priest who was trying to take his daughter to school?
11- Why does Ruby only want to eat packaged food?
12- What threat did Mrs. Henry make to the vice principal that results in the kids being integrated?

Part 3:

13- What was Ruby really doing when it looked like she was talking to the crowd of protestors?
14- Why did Ruby start using brown crayons to color her pictures?
15- What reason did the vice principal give for lowering Ruby's test scores?
16- Why do you think Mrs. Spencer changed her mind and said that Mrs. Henry had done a "great job" at the end of the video?
17- What did the REAL Ruby Bridges used to jump rope to when she was a child experiencing the events of this video?
18- What was the next school year like for the REAL Ruby Bridges?