The Stock Market Challenge!

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The Stock Market Challenge!
Samuel W. Westing has died. In his will he instructed each of his heirs to "take stock in America." Now it's your turn. Will you be our school's next "Investor Extrordinaire?"

How The Stock Market Challenge Works:

1- Every student in our class has an imaginary $1000.00 to invest in any stock or mutual fund traded in the United States.

2- Pick a stock or fund you think will appreciate the most in value during the next four weeks.

3- Write the name of your stock in the space below, and I will take care of the rest.

4- Your stock purchase price will be the closing price of the stock on Friday, November 13th. Your stock selling price will be the closing price of the stock on Friday, December 11th.

5- The student in each class period that makes the most money during these four weeks will receive a half-dozen assorted doughnuts to triumphantly devour in front of us all. The winning students will also have their names read on the school announcements, and an article about them will appear in the Spanish Fork Press and Spanish Fork Sentinel. Fame, fortune, and doughnuts - it's all here. Good luck!

Stock Name and Ticker Symbol: _____________________

Price Per Share 11-13-09: ___________

Price Per Share 12-11-09: ___________

Students: You only need to fill in the name of the stock above, and I will take care of the rest in class.